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A Trip to Cherish

Are you wondering of a dream trip to Ooty from Coimbatore? Oh Wow, that’s a perfect pick for this season and we are certainly glad that you have choosen the “Queen of Hills” as your destination. So now that you have choosen your destination, what’s next? Yup, we know it; you might be looking for the best possible options to travel from Coimbatore to Ooty. There’s a whole lot of options from taking a long & tiring bus route to the easy and convenient taxi service. But then before opting for a perfect fleet option, just have a keen look at all the fleet variants, their pros & cons and then decide upon wisely.

Why do you need to hire a cab to Ooty?

Though there are many fleet options to travel from Coimbatore to Ooty, why would you still need to rent/hire a taxi to reach Ooty? Maybe, this question would trigger a lot of uncertainties and make you ponder a while about the taxi services. But then renting a cab from Coimbatore to Ooty would be the best possible & comfortable way to reach the “Queen of Hills”. Moreover, this isn’t about bragging the advantages of renting a cab but unravelling the practical hazards that you would be forced to face on opting for any other modes of transport. The first fleet option through a bus is possibly the most terrific way of reaching Ooty as you’ll be drained out completely before reaching Ooty. Hiring a Bus would be a tedious option and so is the rail route that takes a long route before reaching Ooty. So by now, you would have clearly depicted the practical possibilities in taking a bus/train to Ooty.

There are also several other reasons for why you should hire a cab/taxi, the main being the comfort and travel time. You can save a lot of travel time through this mode of transport and also that you can enjoy a cozy ride all through the way. The prime advantage of picking a Coimbatore to Ooty cab service is that you can witness those beautiful landscapes all through the route in a better frame, you can also take those mini-breaks amidst your travel to ease out the journey a bit. You can drop-in anywhere, click your favourite photographs, enjoy the breezy ride, feel the nature at its best and then move on cool with your dream travel.

So are you convinced by now? If so, TaxiCoimbatore is right here to take you through the beautiful hills of Ooty all the way from Coimbatore. We have diverse Coimbatore to Ooty tour packages and that too at the most affordable costs. If you are looking for a cab service in Coimbatore to take you off to Ooty then don’t reach elsewhere TaxiCoimbatore is right here for your word.

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Coimbatore to Ooty Rental & Package options


Don’t just settle for a single package, roam around a lot and then pick the one that best suits you. We at TaxiCoimbatore offer you a wide array of Rental & Package options for your cab travel from Coimbatore to Ooty. Take a look and then pick your suitable one.

We have vehicles spanning from the hatchback to the sedan models and also SUV’s for your comfort. So don’t worry about the vehicle options, we have it all here under one banner. With experienced chauffeurs in-house we’ll ensure you a safe & happy journey that can be cherished forever. So, instead of surfing for cab bookings in Coimbatore, type in TaxiCoimbatore next time when you dream of a journey.

Call to us:+91-9943243438

Popular Tourist Spots in Ooty

You would run out of time on gazing the beauty that is hidden in the Queen of Hills, take a look at the best ones below;

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Pykara River
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Ooty Lake
  • Mukurthi National Park
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Ooty Tea Factory
  • Rose Garden
  • Emarald Lake
  • Toda Huts
  • St. Stephen's Church
  • Deer Park